Add a Student

Go to Synergy SIS > Student > Student

Or, you may type “Student in the Quick Launch field 

  1. Click Add – The Student Find screen opens.

  2. Enter partial or complete data (use Birth Date or Perm ID whenever possible)

  3. Click Find or press ENTER.  A list that matches criteria entered displays.

  4. If student name does not appear on list, proceed to next step.

  5. Click Add New. 

  6. The Student Add screen opens in a new window.


The Parent/Guardian tab:

A search for the parents’ names must be performed to make sure they are not already in the system.

To avoid a duplicate entry, there are some best practices to follow:

Search on one field at a time - the less information you enter into the search fields, the better.  The Birth Date field overrides all other fields.  If you enter a Birth Date and a Last Name, it will still only search for the Birth Date.  If you search on the student's last name, and the student is not listed in the search results, then it is a critical part of the process to search on a different field.  Clear the Last Name field, and use one of the other fields like First Name or Birth Date.  Again, search one field at a time for best results.

On the Student Add screen, the fields highlighted in green are mandatory.  Fields that are mandatory for State Reporting are shown in the Field Name as Bold and Red.  Although not highlighted, Ethnic Code is also mandatory.  


The Demographics tab: 

  1. Enter as much information as you have available.  That is why it is important to have a uniform process for collecting complete demographic data for each student. 

Gender – If a student is Non Binary, select the Non-Binary Gender in the drop-down that displays.  Note: The number in the Perm ID field should be generated automatically.  If not, the District should have instructions for determining the number to enter.  The Email field here is for the student’s email address, if they have one, or if the school creates one for them.  Email addresses for parents are added elsewhere.

2. In the Race and Ethnicity group box, check the box of the correct Ethnic Code (mandatory).                                           

3. In the Home Address group box, enter the full address and then click the Validate button.  NOTE:  If the district has setup the Address Validation Rules, the City, State, Zip Code, and Grid Code fields are auto-populated in the Home Address group box along with the School of Residence to ensure it’s a valid address.

4. If the School of Residence is different than the School of Attendance the Reason for Attendance and Reason for Attendance Date must be filled out.

5. Add student phone numbers here. Parent phone numbers are entered elsewhere.


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services