Concurrent Students

Concurrent students are students enrolled in two or more schools in the district at the same time. One example would be a student who is enrolled at their home school part of the day and a district vocational school part of the day. Check concurrent students to be sure they are truly concurrent and do not have a full schedule at your school.


Go to Synergy SIS > Student > Student

  1. Click Add.

  2. Enter Student Information and Click Find or press ENTER key.

  3. Click Line Number of student to be added concurrently student is highlighted.

  4. Click Transfer – Student Add screen displays.


5. The Student Add screen displays with a warning about concurrent enrollment: “This student is currently enrolled at ‘King High School’.  If you continue, this student will be concurrently enrolled.”


6. On the tab, enter the Enter Date for when the student will start attending both schools concurrently.

7. Select the Enter Code from the dropdown.  Most districts will have a Concurrent Enrollment code as an option

8. Click Save.

9. The student is now concurrently enrolled at both King High School and Hope High School as indicated on the


Enrollment History tab.

Demographics tab - Verify mandatory fields: (green)

Student’s legal name, grade, gender, ethnic code, birth date, and home address.

  • Other info tab - If New Year Rollover has been performed, fill in “New Year Action” and Next Grade and Next School.

    Select any Secondary Ethnicities that apply.

  • Enrollment tab - Enter date MUST be one (1) school date later than the Home school’s enter date. 

  • Click Save.


Withdrawing concurrent students MUST be inactivated in Student screen

  1. Click Menu at top of screen.

  2. Select Inactivate Student.

  3. Select appropriate W code (matching the Home school) from dropdown list.

  4. Click Save.


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services