Student Profile View

Student Profile View is a resource that can be used to view student information for students across the district.


To open Student Profile, click on the Pad Tree on the left side, click on Synergy SIS, Student and Student Profile.

Once you open the Student Profile View, make sure you change your Focus Organization in the top right corner and choose the specific school that that student attends.

Once you are on the correct Focus Organization, click the Choose A Student button in the middle of the screen

Note: If you have not already chosen a Focus Organization, once you click the Choose a Student button, you will receive a message to choose your Focus Organization.

Once you open the Choose A Student button, you can scroll through the list of students or search for a student in the top right corner. In my example, I searched for our Test students

The main screen that you will come to will have a summary of student information, including their Homeroom and Counselor in the top right corner, their current schedule, behavior information, general student information including their mailing address, birthday, parent information and emergency contacts.

The Attendance will show the student’s Attendance information

The Course History tab will show information on how many credits the student has taken, how many credits the student has remaining and graduation credits for each subject

The Grade Book Detail tab will show student information for specific classes and marking periods with drop down menus for you to navigate each class and marking period

The MTSS tab will show behavior information

The Health tab will health conditions and immunization records for that student

The Discipline tab will show Minor and Major incidents

The Test History tab will show an overview of test information from previous years


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services