No Show a Student

A “No Show” student is one who has enrolled at a school but who has never attended class for even a portion of one school day no matter when it is discovered, as long as it is same school year. A student once enrolled at your school who has never attended class, must be processed as a No Show student in Synergy SIS.

No Show a student who has not attended class this school year.

  1. Navigate to Synergy SIS > Student > Student.

  2. Confirm the current focus is set to the school and year in which the student is enrolled.

    Find the student’s record. You can only no-show active students. An active student’s name displays without parentheses surrounding their name

  3. Select “No Show” Student from the Menu


5. Enter Summer Withdrawal Code and Summer Withdrawal Date.

6. Select the Summer Withdrawal Reason Code, if used for your district.

7. Select whether or not to Preserve Student Classes on No Show.

8. Click No Show. Student set to No Show message box displays Click OK to return to the Student screen.


Summer Dropouts

  • Summer dropouts (no shows) are students who are in membership on last day of school last year but who do not return to school by the first day of the following school year for reasons other than transfer, death, or graduation.  

  • All summer dropouts must be no showed and have a summer leave code and date entered.


  • No show is used primarily during summer (in next year’s database) up until the official start date of the new school year.

  • No showing after Official Start Day should only be done to correct an enrollment error; for special education IEP processing; or if it is determined that student never attended class – regardless of when that discovery is made.  

  • Administrators should be notified of any student no showed after the official start day.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services