Inactivating a Student

Path: Synergy SIS → Student→ Student


  1. Locate the student record.

Note: Only active students may be withdrawn. 


2. Click the Menu button and select Inactivate Student from the list of options. The Inactivate Student window displays.



3. Select the Leave Code, Withdrawal Reason Code if used

4. Enter Leave Date (MMDDYY) or click   and select the date.

5. If Drop Classes On Inactivation is checked, a Leave Date is entered for all active sections on the Classes tab. The Leave Date entered is the same as the Leave Date entered for the withdrawal. Otherwise, the student will still show up on a teacher’s Class Attendance records, but display as Inactive and the teacher will NOT be able to take attendance on them.  This option is recommended

6. Decide what Next Year Enrollment Action should be taken. The choices are Delete Enrollment, Do Nothing, or No Show (above)./

7. Click the Inactivate button (above).

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services