Medications tab

The Medications and History tabs are use to add student medications that are not in the system for students. The History tab is used for viewing the students medical history up to their current point of attendance.

  • Medications and Procedures are entered in by the Synergy System Administrator and can be viewed via their dropdown menus

Adding a new Medication

  • In the Show/Hide Medications Columns Grid, click the +Add button

  • Notice the cells become editable to add a new medication - begin filling in the medication details

  • You are able to edit and add up to three dosages per medication on a single line, scroll to the right to see additional options for medication details (example below)

  • After the medication row is finalized, click the green Save button at the top of the screen

  • To edit any medication information, click the Row (line) Number > then Show Detail button - or you can double click the Row (line) Number then click the Student Medication dropdown to begin editing the current data for said medication

Inside the Show Details button

  • Additional fields ONLY SHOWN in the Show Details button are as follows:

    • Refill Threshold

    • Prescribing Physician

    • Notes

    • Side Affects

    • Administered In

    • Student Health Conditions related to this Medication

  • Inside the Show Details box there is a Pending Grid - this is used to show upcoming medications, or to see previous medications that the student has be administered

Be sure to click the green Save button to save all progress

Adding a Current Procedure / History Info.

  • To add a Procedure, click the +Add button in the Current Procedures Grid

  • Select the Procedure and Start Date

  • Fill in the appropriate fields

    • You may enter up to three separate times per day

    • All the days are checked by default, adjust this for when the procedure is needed

    • Fill in more options to the right on the same row for better detail or by using the Show Detail button to enter the data in a sheet format (easier to view when entering)

History Grid Information

  • The History Grid info is for viewing / adding previous Procedures that may not have been entered when administered - click the +Add button to enter a previous procedure

  • The current date and time pre-populate - this can be adjusted to any date and time

  • There are addition fields to the right of the row:

    • Administered By: Nurse who administered the procedure

    • Total Procedure Time: How long the procedure laster from start to finish on administration

    • Nurse’s Log: Will show in the Nurse Log screen if entered as a line entry, if not the window will open in edit mode (add mode)

    • Notes: Add more in-depth documentation for the procedure

    • Medicaid: If the procedure is covered by Medicaid, check this box

    • PRN: If the procedure is administered on an “as needed basis”, check this box

  • When all info in entered as needed, click the green Save button at the top of the screen

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services