Daily Processes Screen (Health)

For most days Nurses and Nurse Para’s will need to use the Health screen. The Health screen can record daily nurse visits, health conditions, immunizations, medications and the students health history.


  1. To get to Health, navigate to the PAD Tree > Synergy SIS > Health

  2. Start your search by filling in any of the yellow shaded boxes then clicking the blue Find button or the Enter (Return on Mac’s) key on your keyboard

  3. After clicking Find, the students record will display

  4. Add entries throughout the day for students seeking medical attention but clicking the +Add button

    1. This will add each visit to the students health history

  5. Entries can be added for each tab (Health Conditions, Immunizations, Medications, Health History…etc) by using the same +Add button under the respective tab

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services