Health History tab

The Health History tab is used to show all relevant health data that has been entered previous for student records.

  • The Health History tab is the last tab in the Health screen, upon opening the screen you will find the Incidents, Past Medications and Past Procedures Grids that are opened

    • By clicking the Show Detail button for any of the grids, it will open a more in-depth info. pane that may be useful when analyzing a record for a student

  • Hovering over the Row (line) Number will reveal the Info. Icon (see in below image)

    • Moving your cursor over the Info. Icon will show the creator / owner of the entry and when it was added

  • Clicking the Show Detail button will reveal a plethora of information that will be very helpful to all Nurses, including the Log of the incident, Accident Detail and Contact Log information for each line entry that is entered for the currently selected student

  • Performing these steps on the other grids will reveal more information about them with regards to the currently selected student.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services