Using Vendor Punchout (VPO) - Amazon

The vendor punchout module in eFinance Plus can be used to submit and order in Amazon, School Specialty, and CDW. The benefit to using this module is it makes the transition from Requisition, to the vendor website to make the purchase, to Purchase order creation a more smooth transition. In addition, all purchases will now be encumbered in the budget from the start of the order.

Please submit student activity purchase orders to Karin Knisely and Serenity Harpster via email for approval in Amazon, these orders will NOT be submitted through Vendor Punchout.

Notes about using Vendor Punchout

  1. When submitting through VPO, only one charging record per order. If order requires multiple budget units/accounts you have two options:

    1. Do completely separate orders by budget/account.

    2. You can allocate the whole order to one budget/acct and then edit once the requisition is created, resave to route for approval

  2. Please complete any budget transfer prior to creating the VPO requisition. If the budget does not have the appropriate funds, the system will fail and your whole requisition/order will be lost.

  3. The shipping addresses in Amazon do not apply. The address selected at the beginning of the requisition is what the vendor will use to ship the order.

Notes about Amazon

  1. You the BH secretary will NO LONGER use admin signs ins to Amazon for checking out.

  2. Ask your staff to create wishlists and share with you via email to your scasd email address. This can serve as a notification to create the requisition though punchout and select the wishlist online at Amazon.


  1. Start by logging into eFinance Plus

  2. Navigate to Purchasing → Entry & Processing → Requisition Processing → Requisitions

  3. Instead of selecting + for a new requisition, Select Punchout Shopping

    Punchout Shopping in Requisition Page
  4. Select the desired Site from Vendor Interface (Amazon/School Specialty/CDW)

  5. Select the desired Approval group

  6. Choose the desired shipping address

  7. Select the budget code from dropdown list and corresponding account

  8. MUST add VPO to comment field, if you want to include more details you have 25 spaces of information that will appear on the PO desc line - just include the additional information as follows:
    ”VPO-additional information”

  9. If charging a project, select those. (Not required)

  10. Select Submit to Vendor and wait 5-10 seconds to punchout.

  11. It will transition to the vendors website and allow you to process the order. Add desired items to cart, and run through the purchase process. When your cart is complete, click Proceed to checkout.

  12. Enter a name in the Deliver to field.

  13. The address shown is 240 Villa Crest Dr. which is used for billing purposes but will still ship to the address selected in the initial punchout step. Select use this address

  14. Select use this payment method (it should auto select Pay by Invoice)

  15. Once the purchase process is finalized it should process and punch back into Vendor Punchout screen with a confirmation requisition number and order details.

  16. The completed order screen will show only the first line item although all items are appearing in the req.

  17. The order will wait to be submitted until the requisition is approved, transitioned to purchase order and printed.

Orders will not be visible until after the requisition has been approved, printed, and sent to the vendor which can take up to 24 hours.

If you are missing the Punchout Shopping option. Reach out to Accounting Office to have this added.

Order amount exceeds pre-encumbrance budget - Error

In the event that you receive the following error message that the order amount exceeds pre-encumbrance budget message:

Order amount exceeds budget message.png
Order exceeds budget error message