PowerSchool, primarily known as a student information system (SIS), also offers modules and functionalities that cater to the needs of human resources (HR) and finance departments in educational institutions. While PowerSchool's core focus is on managing student data, it provides additional tools to assist HR and finance departments in their respective functions.

  1. Human Resources (HR) Management:

    • Employee Data: PowerSchool allows HR departments to maintain comprehensive employee records, including personal information, contact details, employment history, certifications, and qualifications.

    • Benefits Administration: PowerSchool facilitates the management of employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits programs, by providing tools for enrollment, tracking, and reporting.

    • Certification and Credential Tracking: It assists HR departments in monitoring and managing employee certifications, licenses, and credentials, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

    • Performance Evaluation: PowerSchool offers features for setting performance goals, conducting employee evaluations, and tracking performance metrics, facilitating performance management processes.

  2. Finance and Accounting:

    • Budget Management: The system provides tools for creating, monitoring, and managing budgets across departments, allowing finance departments to allocate funds and track expenditures.

    • Accounts Payable: PowerSchool assists in managing vendor invoices, processing payments, and tracking expenses. It automates accounts payable workflows and ensures timely payment of bills.

    • Payroll Management: The software includes modules for managing employee payroll, tracking hours, calculating salaries, and generating paychecks. It handles deductions, benefits, and tax calculations as well.

    • Financial Reporting: PowerSchool offers a range of reporting options for finance departments to generate financial reports, budget summaries, expenditure analyses, and other customized reports. It provides insights into financial performance and aids in decision-making.

    • Purchasing and Procurement: The system helps streamline purchasing processes by managing purchase orders, receiving goods, tracking inventory, and generating reports. It assists in maintaining accurate records of purchasing activities.