Guest Accounts

Guest accounts are for non-employees such as student teachers, interns and any non-employed adult that needs a SCASD account and/or ID badge.  These accounts are sponsored by a SCASD Admin and have limited expiration dates that the sponsor can extend or revoke. 


  • A SCASD Admin can view their sponsored guests through the IT Services Applications page by clicking on "Guest Requests"

  • The table shows the guests' First Name, Last Name, Personal Email, SCASD UserID, Start/End Date and Account Status

    • Manage = Active guest account which the sponsor can extend or revoke

    • Enable = Inactive guest account which the sponsor can re-enable by changing the start/end dates to activate

    • Pending Validation = The guest account is in the review process, which typically takes 1 business day

    • Pending Creation = The guest account has been approved and is in the process of being created

    • Denied = The account has been denied and the sponsor has received an email with the reason

  • If you do not click sign out, you will automatically be signed out after 15 minutes of inactivity


If you use a public computer or a computer that is not yours, make sure to clear the cache and quit the browser. Any site that you authenticate to Google will log you into your Google account. The best practice is to make sure you are not logged into Google on any computer that is not yours.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services