How to fix print jobs not showing in Print Release


Print job not showing up on the SCASD Print Release station


If the steps outlined below do not resolve the issue, then the user credentials may not be in the PaperCut system. Please contact IT Services for help with this issue

Verify that the print job has actually gone through to the printer

  1. Large print jobs may take a long time to render (ie get sent to the print queue)

    1. Check the job status using the following steps:

      1. Click on the print queue icon

      2. Verify that the print job is not sitting in the queue. When the job has gone through to the system, the queue will be empty. Otherwise, wait for the job to finish rendering before going to a print release station.

  1. Verify that SCASD credentials were used in the printer pop-up

    1. SCASD credentials are the first part of the user email and email password


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services