Settings Copiers for Stapling / Hole Punching

This will ONLY work for copiers set up using the steps found in this KB article:


Configuring the Copier

When setting up the copier, verify that you use the TOSHIBA MonoMFP-X7 driver

If not, you can do the following to add the function:

  1. Select copier queue

  2. Go to Options & Supplies...

  3. Select the Options tab

  4. Change Finisher to the correct type found in this KB article

  5. Click OK

Copier Staple/Hole Punch Limitations

  • Regular Paper Stapling Limits → 50 Sheets

  • Card Stock Paper Stapling Limits → 30 Sheets

  • No Limit for Hole Punch

  1. Within the print dialog box, verify that a copier has been selected

  2. Switch to Finishing


  3. Change Stapling to the desired setting


  4. Change Hole Punch to the desired setting


  5. Select Print

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services