State College Area School District has implemented the SCASD Print Release System.  All print jobs will flow through the SCASD Print Release system except those that are sent to the SCASD Print Shop. Any user with SCASD credentials will be able to print from any device and any application as long as that device is connected to the SCASD network.  The print system is configured to manage the flow of print jobs to the most appropriate printing device (ie printer or copier) within the district based on the guidelines outlined below for faculty and students. A print job can be released from any print release station or copier throughout the district.  For example, a print job can be printed at Park Forest Middle School and released on a print release station at Mount Nittany Middle School.

This system has been implemented for several reasons:

  1. Increase confidentiality and security of print jobs

  2. Reduce printing waste (ie print jobs accidentally printed prior to editing, not picked up, or printed multiple times, etc.)

  3. Manage printers in a more efficient manner to reduce the amount of down time

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services