TeacherVue - Adding Observations

Classroom observation is a method of recording classroom behaviors from direct observations for reasons of student accountability and to identify behavior or patterns that may affect student outcomes. Observations focus on the frequency with which certain behaviors or types of behavior occur in the classroom.

To Add an Observation:

  1. Within the TeacherVue seating chart, click on the student's icon and select ‘Add Observation’

  2. A separate ‘Add Observation’ window will appear. (items marked with an asterisk are required)

  3. Student - manually select a student from the drop-down list, if the field is not pre-populated already

  4. Type - select the type of observation from the drop-down list

  5. Date of Observation - type in the date of the observation or click the calendar icon on the far right to select a date

  6. Parent Contact Date - if the parent was contacted, enter the date of the contact (optional)

  7. Actions Taken - if action was taken, select the action from the drop-down list (optional)

  8. Note - add additional specific details regarding the incident (required)

  9. Once the required entries are completed, click 'Submit'

  10. At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of prior observations and the list can be searched using the ‘Search’ box on the right-hand side

  11. Use the search function to look for patterns of conduct that may affect student outcomes.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services