TeacherVue - Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Conference in TeacherVue allows teachers to schedule conferences or families to schedule conferences via ParentVue. Teachers have the ability to block out times in which conferences cannot be scheduled.

  1. Select Parent Conference from the Home menu. The Parent Teacher Conference screen displays.

  2. Select if Teacher Assigned (Teacher sets time) or Parent Chooses (Parent chooses time in ParentVue) and then Select the Conference DateStart TimeEnd TimeDuration, and Location.


Parent Choose - The parent selects a time from the Conference tab in ParentVUE.

  1. Set the Conference DateStart TimeEnd TimeDurationLocation, Schedule Open and Close Dates (Dates that it opens for parents in ParentVue.)

  2. Select times that you do not want the parents to schedule conferences in the Time Unavailable column.

  3. Click Save Conference

Teacher Assigned Option - The teacher selects a time for the parent conference.

  1. The selected time displays on the Conference tab in ParentVUE.

  2. Select individual students whose parents you are scheduling with or select Schedule ALL at the top of the column to select all students.

  3. Select a time from Choose Time. If you click the 15, 30 or 45 Minute Down Arrow it sets time for all students if Schedule All is checked

  4. Click the Green Unsaved Changes button to save the changes


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services