Classlink Setting Up Employee Password Recovery Options

Setting up Classlink password recovery options for Employee Users utilizing either a cell phone for password recovery or setting up a secondary email as the verification method.

Adding a Secondary Recovery Email

  1. Go to the State College Classlink

  2. Login with your user id and password (User id Example: txt14)

  3. You then will be prompted to set up Password Recovery

    Password Recovery Setup Options
    Password Recovery Setup Options


  4. After clicking Set Up Recovery you will be taken to the recovery page to tab to set up either a recovery email or cell phone number.

  5. To set up a recovery email click the Email option button then enter your personal email not your school district email for a secondary recovery email then click the Save button

    Password Recovery Setup Email Address Option
    Password Recovery Setup Email Address Option


  6. Next you need to check your email and verify the account. You will receive an email from Classlink.

Adding Cell Phone Option

  1. You can also add a cell phone as a recovery option simply enter a phone number under the recovery
    options for the phone then click Save. After adding a cell phone you will need to verify the cell phone via text or call.