Google Chrome Grouping Tabs

This article will help you organize your tabs in Google Chrome by adding them into color coded Grouped folders. There is also an option that you can save them and open them again at a later time.

 Creating groups

  1. Click on the tab you want to create a group with.

  2. Two-finger click on the trackpad, or right click on the tab to bring up options for that tab.

  3. Move your cursor to Add Tab to Group.

  4. If you have not created any groups yet, click New Group.

  5. A little box will pop up underneath that tab with information. Start by naming the group.

    1. For Example: Reading Materials, 3rd Grade research, A Day, Period 4, or Block A.

    2. You may also choose a color to help differentiate from the rest of your Groups.

  6. Now that your Group is created, you can start adding tabs to it. You can either Two-finger click or right click the tab you want added to that group and click Add Tab to Group and select the group you want to add it to. Or you could also drag a tab that you would like to add to that group close to the name of the group displayed and it will add it to that group. The border color of the tab will change so that you know it has been added to the group.

    1. Notice that you can click on the name of the group you created and it will open and condense the tabs that live inside of that group.

  Closing a group

  1. If you want to completely close out the group you are working on, two-finger click or right click on the group and click Close group.

    1. If you do not have the group saved, it will not open up again.

 Saving groups for future use

You can also save groups so that you can close them and reopen them at a later time.

  1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome and type chrome://flags in the address bar. Press Enter.

  2. Search for tab groups at the top and expand the Tab Groups Save option. Select Enabled.

    1. this will restart Google Chrome, but your tabs will come back.

  3. Now you should be able to Two-finger click on the trackpad, or right click to bring up the options for the group you want to save.

  4. Click the toggle button to make it blue next to the Save Group option.

    1. By clicking this option, that group should now show up on your Bookmarks Bar so that you can click on it in the future. If you click on the group, it will open in the current window you are working on.

  5. If you want to view a group of tabs in a different window, to keep them separated from what you are currently working on, you can two-finger click or right click on that group that appears on your Bookmarks Bar and then click Open Group in a New Window.