Printing Student ID Badges

This guide demonstrates how to generate a badge for a student who does not have a student ID or has lost their student ID.


  1. Launch and sign into FileMaker.

  2. From the main menu click on Student Photo IDs.

  3. Enter the student's UserID or Student Number and click Perform Find. This should bring up the students information.

  4. If the student doesn't have a picture on their ID, they will need a new picture taken.

    1. Click New Photo

    2. Have the student stand in front of the camera. Whatever they see displayed on screen will be the picture on their ID card.

    3. Click Take Photo.

  5. Click Print ID Card then Ok.

  6. Check that the EVOLIS printer is on and connected then click Print.

  7. ID's typically take less than a minute to print.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services