How to create a Newsela account

Following this guide assists in creating a Newsela Account.  


  1. Navigate to Newsela Homepage

  2. Click the blue button labeled Sign in

  3. After clicking Sign in, click Google (even if you DON'T have an account)

  4. Select your SCASD Google Account

    1. Allow Newsela to use your account


  5. After allowing Newsela to use your SCASD Google Account, next you will need to set the account up, first by selecting No on the Do you already have a Newsela Account? then Get Started

  6. Next, you'll need to filter by YOUR primary home building

    1. If you travel to multiple buildings, filter by your most frequently visited building

      1. FOR THIS EXAMPLE, we will be using Park Forest Elementary School 

    2. Then select Confirm School

  7. If there is content in your Google Classroom account, it can be synced with your Newsela Account. Simply click Sync Classrooms


  8. Once the sync is complete, you will be able to select all of the course that apply to you - see screenshot below.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services