Using Google Filestream

Google Filestream is a service from Google which is replacing the Google Drive desktop app. This application allows the syncing and backup of data to the cloud. By using this application it will open up free space on the local hard drive, allow users to work on the same document on multiple devices and share and collaborate with colleagues on the same document.

If you were previously using the Google Drive app please remove it from the computer before proceeding. This can be done by clicking Finder, Applications, and scrolling through to Google Drive and then dragging and dropping that application into the trash

Google Filestream is available for download in the FileWave Kiosk


Signing in

  1. Once the application is installed on the computer navigate to Finder > Applications > double click Google Filestream

  2. Next, enter your full SCASD Account Email Address then click Next, then enter your password and click Sign In

Enter full SCASD Account Email Address in the below box


Enter password in the below box

  1. Click the Allow button in the bottom right hand corner of the new window that opened

  1. In the next window that opens click the right arrow to proceed through the tutorial and then click Open in Finder

Using Google Filestream

  1. Open Google Filestream in Applications folder in Finder

  2. Google Filestream icon will appear in the menu bar

The application may require additional access granted in System Preferences 

  1. If the following window appears click Open System Preferences

  2. Click Allow on the following screen 

  1. Click the Google Filestream icon in the menu bar to verify everything is synced. Google Drive files can be accessed from Finder by going to Finder > in the side panel > Google File Stream > My Drive



  • Desktop items, documents, downloads and anything else can be uploaded to Google Drive through this application. Once items are dragged into the My Drive window a little green circle with the white plus in the middle will appear.

  • They can then be dropped and the item it will be added to Google Drive and it can be accessed through the Filestream icon at the top of the screen or through the Google Drive website.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services