MN Cafeteria

Quick Tips

The MNMS Cafeteria has the availability of the following:

  • One wireless handheld microphone

  • A projector

  • Projection screen

  • Music playback from a phone/tablet/iPod (etc...)

  • Podium

MN Media Cabinet

Playing Music

Using the Projector + Screen

  1. Locate the screen remote control in the media cabinet

  2. Aim the remote control towards the screen to bring down or to take up

  • The projector can be powered on using the remote control marked "projector" at the bottom

  • Select your source by pushing "Computer" on the top of the remote control (located under the power button)

  • Plug the VGA cable located on the hook  on the back side of the media cabinet

  • Plug the audio portion of the VGA cable into the headphone port of your laptop if your presentation requires sound

 There are dongles to use in the cabinet or on the podium

Using the Microphones

  • Power on/off microphone (power switch located on bottom of mic)

Using the Lights

There are several light switches located in the metal wall box across the Cafeteria from the  Media Cabinet. These switches can be used to optimize the lighting in the room for events and/or presentation.


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services