MN Auditorium

Auditorium Quick Set

The MNMS Auditorium QUICK SET system has the availability of 4 microphones:

  • 2 wireless handheld microphones

  • 1 wired microphone

  • 1 podium (gooseneck) microphone

  • Using 4+ microphones will require the use of the MIDAS console located in the booth of the auditorium.

Please contact IT services for additional microphone requests. 

Turning on Audio Power

  1. Locate the tall black tower in the booth of the auditorium

  2. Turn the tower on by pushing the white Main Power button

  3. Push the toggle switch under the power button to the left towards Quick Setup Mixer
    Power Switch

Be sure to check the display in the window to ensure it says MNMSQuickSetup

Using the Projector and Screen

  1. Locate the tall black tower in the booth of the auditorium 

  2. Turn the power on by pushing the white Main Power button 

  3. Push the toggle switch under the power button to the left towards Quick Setup Mixer (make sure screen says MNMSQuickSetup)

  4. Open bottom doors of the podium - push, RED toggle switch to the ON position

  5. Push the ON button located on the podium console under PROJECTOR


  6. Select the input source on the podium console that you'll be using by doing the following: 

  7. Select LAPTOP to connect your laptop

    1.  Connect your laptop using the cable located in the pocket on the right side of the podium desk to your laptop

    2.  Connect the sound cable to your laptop's headphone jack if your presentation requires sound

  8. Select VCR or DVD if you are playing a video using a media player located in the bottom of the podium (see Example 3)

  9. Press the power button for the desired media player

  10. Insert DVD or VHS, and control the media from the player itself

  11. Push the OFF button on the podium console under PROJECTOR to power off the projector when you are finished

Using the Microphones

  • All microphones are located on the shelves inside the podium

  • A 25' XLR microphone cable is also located on the shelves for the wired mic if needed

  1. Insert the gooseneck microphone into the microphone port on the podium console

  2. You may now control the Gooseneck Mic and Volume from console

  1. Plug one end of the cable into the base of the microphone

  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the Quick Set port labeled "QS2" 

  3. Turn the microphone on or off by sliding the switch on the side of the microphone up or down

This port is located in the center black metal pocket on the stage floor

  1. Long hold the power button that is located below the microphone display window to turn on (light will turn green on mic)

  2. Tap the power button to mute the microphone (light will turn amber when muted)

  3. Tap the power button again to unmute the microphone

  4. Long hold the power button to turn the microphone off


Using the Lights

Important info regarding the MN Auditorium Lights

The following are instructions for basic House Lighting of the MN Auditorium. This will be adequate for basic presentations, meetings and/or events using the projector. More intricate lighting; including colors and special lighting features will require the assistance of IT Services. 

Entrance Station Buttons

There are FOUR entrance button stations located at each exit of the auditorium.

  1. Push Top Button at one of the four auditorium entrances to turn on all house lights. The lights will fade up slowly (approx. 4 seconds).

  2. Push the Bottom Button at one of the four entrances to turn off all house lights. The lights will fade down slowly (approx. 4 seconds).



There is a Master Control Panel located on the wall on Stage Right.  This will actually be the LEFT side stage wall as you're looking at the stage (Inside the light blue metal enclosure).

This panel can be used to create your desired lighting scene. You can mix the sliders however you would like for your concert or presentation. The higher you place a slider, the brighter those lights will be.

The Sliders will NOT work until you turn off the house lights by pressing the button on the bottom left of this panel.

The ON and OFF buttons on the right turn on the Mercury Vapor lights in the house. You’ll see them slowly turning on. This creates a bright white light in the house.

Master Control Panel
  • SLIDER 1 - All HOUSE Lighting in the seating area of the auditorium

  • SLIDER 2 - Sconces ONLY in the seating area of the auditorium

  • SLIDER 3 - No Screen scene. Use this to light the stage in front of the curtain for projection.

  • SLIDER 4 - Podium lighting

  • SLIDER 5 - Stage wash lighting

  • SLIDER 6 - Front of house lighting






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