Securly Classroom

The district has recently implemented Securly Classroom to be available for faculty members to manage their student's Chromebooks during school hours.  Securly Classroom is a classroom management tool to help teachers engage all students and lead the class with confidence. Securly Classroom allows you to view student screens so you can know that their students are engaged in classwork, as well as push URLs to student devices, freeze screens, and more.

How to log in to Securly Classroom:

To get started, go to

Next, click on Sign in with Google and log in using your SCASD Google Account to view all your classes in Securly Classroom. 


For more information on how to use and manage your class with Securly Classroom and access a quick tips guide please visit our knowledge base article. Also please be sure to visit our IT Services Blog site which contains information we send out and IT Services news.

Knowledge Base Article Securly Classroom

IT Services Securly Blog Post

If you experience any issues accessing Securly Classroom or utilizing the software please feel free to reach out to or create a ticket utilizing our IT Services Support Portal.


David Visnofsky


Employee communication

We will be beginning the rollout of the new filtering solution this week. The new solution will be Securly, instead of Lightspeed due to limitations for Mac devices found during testing. Beginning today, you may notice a new extension in your browsers named "Securly." This will allow us to expand Internet filtering from just Chromebooks to all district devices while maintaining the classroom management solution for student devices. If you have any questions or notice a website blocked that you need access to; please open a support ticket at


Expanding federal regulations are driving this change. The district receives supplemental funding through Federal Communications Commission programs, and these programs have stringent requirements related to Internet safety. Recently, with the introduction of the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF), the FCC has expanded their stipulations for device filtering from just student equipment to all district-owned equipment. This means that we are now required to filter all district devices, regardless of their location. 


With this change, we will continue to filter student devices as we have in the past, but we also will implement off-campus filtering of all other district equipment. In order to minimize disruption for our employees, the off-campus filtering will be limited to mature and explicit content rather than the more restrictive on-campus rules. What does this mean to you? In most cases, you will not notice a difference but in some instances, websites you have used in the past may not be available. 

Sent 6/30

Parent communication

The State College Area School District will be updating our Web Filtering solution from GoGuardian to Securly. Securly provides a more robust solution with tools to enhance how student internet activity is filtered both in school and at home in accordance with federal requirements for the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Securly has an optional parent/guardian app that allows you to have more control over your student’s device while they are at home. The mobile app will help keep parents and guardians aware of your children's browsing activity, app usage, as well as alerts for activities that are deemed inappropriate. 

Guardians will be receiving a separate notification from Securly with information on how to sign up for this if they are interested. More information about the Securly Parent app can be found here: App for parents to view and manage student device activity (

Sent 6/30