Gradebook: Getting Started Guide - TeacherVUE

This guide will walk you through the basics of Synergy Gradebook.

Enable Sync Max Score - Step One

Important Determinations

  1. There are two options that need to be determined for each teacher. Does the teacher want to fully commit to Synergy Gradebook and break the link from Canvas, or ease into the Synergy Gradebook and bring one assignment over at a time.

  2. If the teacher is going to fully commit to Synergy Gradebook, the sync to SIS option in Canvas will be to be turned off.

  3. Follow these directions to unsync from Canvas:

  4. Have the teacher login to Canvas, click on their Dashboard, click on an assignment, go to Grade Sync on the left side, click on Settings, and then uncheck the Nightly Sync button.
    Note: Each course will be to have the Nightly Sync turned off.


  5. If the teacher would like to ease into the transition, they will need to create new assignments in Canvas, and turn the Sync to Synergy off for that specific assignment. If this option is still turned on, then it will create a duplicate assignment. This can be turned off on a new assignment by clicking on the Create a New Assignment button and then scrolling down until you see “Sync to Synergy” button.

    1. If the Assignment is already created, then the Sync to Synergy button can be unchecked in the Assignments tab.

  6. Do they want to migrate completely all student work or a few assignments at a time?

    1. We would recommend migrating any assignments from Canvas into Synergy Gradebook that the students will be working on in the near future. This can be done by going to Canvas, clicking on the assignment and then copying the assignment content and then pasting the information into the new assignment in Synergy Gradebook.

  7. Once the transition to Synergy Gradebook is made, we recommend that all grades be entered in Synergy moving forward. This will eliminate issues with Grade PassBack.

    1. Assignments can be graded by following these steps:

      1. Click on Gradebook from the top Menu and then Gradebook again


      2. From there, you will see a list of students and assignments. Go under the assignment you want to grade and click on the first student. There will be a blue 1 in their grid, indicating they have one submission for that assignment.


      3. Once you click on the 1, you will the student submission. The information on the right hand side will be where the teacher can enter the score, comment code and any comments about the assignment. These can be public or private.

      4. There are also arrows at the top part of this box so the teacher can easily navigate between students. Note: This is a test student and there is no assignment submission. The assignment would show on the left side

  8. Google Classroom Q/A - Do they want to see live content as a student works or just when a student submits work?

Using Synergy Gradebook

DO NOT use the Add to All Courses toggle, leave that OFF. There is a bug with that function currently.


  1. Create a new assignment

  2. Go to Submissions

  3. Use Enable Online Submissions if work will be submitted digitally by students on the left side and choose the google option. It will prompt you to to choose a document as a template.


  4. Use GOOGLE. This will deploy a template to students automatically once the assignment is saved. You’ll want to create a file in your Google Drive with the assignment name and instructions for the kid and then select it here. Synergy will create folder structure to keep this organized in students and your drives.

  5. NOTE: Any issues with students submitting can typically be resolved using the “Redistribute File”


  1. Displays student Engagement

    1. Once you click on an assignment from the Grade Book drop down, choose Grade Book, and then click on an assignment from the top row in the grid that comes up

    2. Once you click on an Assignment, click on the Activity button. This button will show you student engagement for each assignment including:

      1. The number of times a student viewed the assignment

      2. When they last viewed the assignment

      3. The total amount of time they have had the assignment open

Content Bank - copying assignments from one class to another

  1. You can copy an assignment from one class to another by using the Content Bank. You can find the content bank by clicking on the blue + symbol in the bottom right hand corner, and then hovering in between Assignment and Content


    1. As courses are created, this bank will fill up. You can use the Search function in the top right hand corner or you can click on the filter by button to the left of Search and choose a specific filter for assignments.


    2. Once you find the specific assignment you want to Copy, click on the assignment and a new window will open. On the left side, you can choose which unit to add it to and any other changes you need to make. Once you have chosen the correct options, click on + Copy Content on the bottom of the page

Content - Same as Assignments, no submission view

  1. Content can be found in the bottom right corner by choosing Grade Book from the top menu, then Grade Book, and then clicking the + in the bottom right corner, and clicking on Content


    1. Content has the same options as Assignment, however students cannot turn this content in and it cannot be graded.

Publishing/Unpublishing content for students - How-To and where

Teachers can make content published or unpublished for students when they are creating new assignments or on existing assignments. The reason a teacher may want to make an assignment unpublished, is to keep future assignments hidden from students so they are not working ahead or working in the wrong assignment.

  1. To do this on a new Assignment, click Grade Book, New Assignment/Course Content Item

  2. And then, in the upper right hand corner, you will see the assignment is published. This is the default for each assignment.

  3. In order to Unpublish this course, just click the green button so it turns red.

  4. The changes will save automatically after a few seconds.

  5. You can view whether each assignment is Published or Not Published from your Grade Book by looking at the top left part of the assignment and if there is a green dot, then the assignment is published.

  6. If there is a red dot, then the assignment is not published.

Course Content

Using Google Classroom

  1. Class Settings - Enable Classroom for class….ADVANCED to enter class code for existing class

  2. If they do want to use Google Classroom, they can follow these two guides to Enable Google Classroom for a class and to add an existing Google Classroom to a class


    1. Login to Synergy TeacherVUE and navigate to Gradebook Setup.

    2. Once on the setup screen, select the “Class Settings” option.

    3. Select “Edit” on the left side above the list of your classes.

    4. Locate the class you want to turn classroom on and utilize the toggle to ENABLE Google Classroom. When all desired classes have been selected click “Save” in the top right to commit the change.


    1. Log into Google Classroom and open the classroom you would like to import into Synergy

    2. On the main classroom page, look for the ‘Class Code’ and copy it down carefully

    3. Within TeacherVUE, make sure you are focused on the correct section and class

    4. Click ‘Grade Book’ then ‘Grade Book Setup’

    5. Click ‘Class Settings’ from the headings at the top

    6. In the upper left corner of the Class Settings screen, click ‘Edit’

    7. Find the class you wish to link to your Google Classroom, under the ‘Google Classroom’ column move the slider for that class from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Enabled’ then click ‘Advanced Options’

    8. Within Advanced Options, enter the Class Code for your Google Classroom, and change nothing else

    9. Click the green ‘Save’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen to commit the changes


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services