Attaching files / notes to substitute

Absence management gives you the ability to attach files to your absence for your substitute to see, such as lesson plans or seating charts. You can attach Word, Excel, and PDF files. ​

Attaching a file

To attach a file, click the Choose File button and browse your computer for the file you want to attach. If you are using a web browser like Chrome or Safari, you may also be able to drag the file right into the drop area you see in the example below.

  • Once you have added a file, you will see the name of the file in the File Attachments area.

  • File types are limited to .pdf .docx and .xlsx

  • File size limit is 0.6MB

  • To delete, the file use the trash can icon. ​

Attaching a Note

  • 246 character limit for notes

  • You have the ability to leave notes for your administrator and for the substitute who will be filling in for you.

  • The notes you leave for the administrator will not be visible to the substitute.

  • The notes you leave for the substitute will be visible to the administrator.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services