How to complete a Trip Tracker request

The following guide will assist Faculty and Staff when submitting a Trip Tracker request.


Please complete the following fields when submitting your request:

  1. Trip Name

    1. Name your trip. This is an option or leave blank

  2. Trip Date

  3. Trip Type 

    1. Has a drop down icon. Pick from the selection.

  4. Activity Type

    1. Has a drop down icon. Pick from the selection.

  5. Reason for trip

    1. Identify the activity or leave blank. Not required.

  6. Account

    1. Has a drop down icon. Choose from accounts listed. If not listed, you’ll have to call Transportation Office to have it added.

  7. Requestor:

    1. Has a drop down icon. Each account has its own requestor assigned. 

    2. For example: Boys Basketball requestor listed is the Coach and Athletic Dept. Staff. Call Transportation Office to be added.

  8. Account Notes

    1. You do not have access to enter information in this field.

  9. PO Number:

    1. Please Leave Blank. No need to complete.

  10. Origin:

    1. Has a drop down icon.  This lists the school you wish to depart from.

  11. One - Way Trip

    1. Check the box if you are going one way with no return.

  12. Departure Date

  13. Departure Time

  14. Return Date 

  15. Destination

    1. Has a drop down icon. If a location is not listed, you’ll have to call Transportation Office to add. They are listed alphabetically. 

  16. Arrival

    1. Date and Time - estimate the time it should take.

  17. Departure

    1. Date and Time - time you wish to leave activity.

  18. Add Tab 

    1. Click to load destination.

  19. Number Of 

    1. Fill in the boxes.

  20. Contact Name

    1. Add your name Contact Phone:  Add a cell phone number

  21. Notes 

    1. List any special requests.  Example: motor coach, school bus or van

  22. Is a School Nurse required?

    1. Yes or No

  23. Click on the submit button.  

Your trip will be automatically sent to be approved to your assigned Administrator or Principle

In the event you need to make a change after you submitted your trip or to cancel your trip, you must call Transportation Office (231-1033).

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services