Adding or Removing students

Read Naturally Live (referred to as Read Live) student additions / removals are manually updated by IT Services. Please follow the steps below to begin this process.

Removing students

Please submit a ticket to IT Services with the below information to have a student removed from Read Live:

  • Student Number

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Building

Adding students

For the fastest response to have students added to Read Live, please follow all below steps correctly.

  1. Verify the students being requested are not already in Read Live, if they are NOT in the system, please continue through the steps.

    1. If they are in Read Live, but the students status is inactive / not licensed, please send in a ticket with the students' Student Number, First Name, Last Name and Building.

  2. Open the ReadLive (Google Sheet) Template, then make a copy.

    1. To make a copy, navigate to File > Make a copy - the copy will open in a new tab

  3. Fill out all the fields for ONLY the below Headings - please refer to the list below on the required formatting:

    1. Student First Name: Thomas

    2. Student Last Name: Smith

    3. Student ID: 123456 (district Student Number)

    4. Student Grade: k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 10, 11, 12

    5. Student User ID: txt14 (first half of email)

    6. Student Email: (full email)

    7. Student Password: Do not enter any data in this field

  4. Name the Google Sheet the Building Code (chart of building codes below) of where the students are currently assigned to.

    1. Example: if students are being added from Radio Park, the file should be named RP

  5. Download your copy of the Google Sheet as a CSV file.

    1. To download as a CSV go to File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv).

  6. It’s assumed whoever submits the ticket will be the teacher of the students included in the file. The ticket reporter will have the students in the file assigned by IT Services in Read Live unless otherwise specified in the ticket.

  7. Submit an IT Support Ticket (click Get IT Help) and attach the file to the ticket.

  8. Please add the building name or code to the ticket.

  9. Submit the ticket.

If no file is attached to the ticket and or if the data in the file is not accurate / complete, the upload time will take longer and could result in delayed instruction

Building Codes Chart

Full name


Corl Street Elementary


Easterly Parkway Elementary


Ferguson Township Elementary


Gray's Woods Elementary


High School


Mount Nittany Elementary School


Mount Nittany Middle School


Park Forest Elementary


Park Forest Middle School


Radio Park Elementary


Spring Creek Elementary