How to Take Support Meeting Notes

This article is a representation of how Meeting Notes should be taken during department meetings


  1. Go to Confluence

  2. Select the Mandalore space

  3. On the left-hand panel select “Meeting Agendas”

  4. Select “User Support Meetings”

  5. Select the correct date of the meeting

  6. Select the pencil to start adding notes

Once the meeting is over, convert your notes to a brief summary of the meeting. After you convert your notes to a brief summary, send it to Trevor for approval

  1. Once approved, go to Atlas

  2. In Atlas under “Projects” select “IT Services Debrief”

  3. Select “Updates”

  4. Select “Post your update”

  5. In there, you will put a heading “HD Meeting Overview (date)” then click on “Add more detail

    ” then put the summary in there.