Proctoring MAP Assessments

Please utilize this information when conducting MAP assessments. This guide will discuss establishing testing sessions, assigning tests and getting students started on the test.


Setting Up a Testing Session

  1. Navigate to the Teacher Login Page

  2. Sign in with your credentials

  3. Select "Manage Test Sessions" on left menu bar

  4. Then either select the "Find Students to Test" or "Test my Class" option

    1. Find Students to Test is best used when planning to test a handful of students and not a whole class

    2. Test My Class is best used when the entire class will be testing a one time

  5. Once a testing session is created it will be listed under the "Saved Sessions" option until it is closed.

Do I have an account?
You should have received an email notification with your login information when your account was created. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot Password" link available.

Not Finding All Students?
If a student is missing from your testing session, they can be added by selecting the "Find Students to Test" button inside the testing session and performing a search for the student

How do students get to the testing app?
Located in the "Apps" options

NWEA Testing Application in Applications folder

Assigning Tests

Once a testing session has been established proctors can assign specific tests to their students

  1. Navigate to the new or saved testing session.

  2. Select the checkbox next to the students' names

  3. Select the "Assign Test" button

  4. Pick the necessary test from the dropdown menu and select "Assign"

Commencing Testing

Once the students are assigned their tests, testing can begin.

  1. Ensure that the testing session is created and active on the proctor's computer

  2. Record the "Testing Session Name" and "Password" located at the top of the screen.

  3. Have students navigate to the NWEA testing site and complete the following:

  4. On the Proctor's computer please click the "Refresh Status" button

  5. Click the "Confirm Now" button

  6. On the students' devices select the "Start Test" button

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services