Requesting iPad App

Use this guide when requesting an app for an iPad but needs to be purchased then installed


Gather Information

  1. Information below is needed before submitting a ticket

    1. App name

    2. App Developer

    3. Website link for app

    4. Obtain approval from department supervisor for app purchase

    5. Department Budget Number

Submit Service Request

  1. Login to SCASD Help Portal with SCASD UserID and Password

    1. Click on the Applications category from below.

    2. Then choose Request New Software.

      1. Please include as much detail as possible in the support ticket

      2. Click Create when finished

  2. Ticket will be escalated to IT Services Manager for approval/purchase

  3. Ticket will be assigned to building technician to install app on iPad. 

    1. Once the app is assigned to the device it can be installed by clicking on the FileWave Kiosk

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services