Checking Voicemails

Do NOT press the DND button on your phone - it will send all calls to VM and silence the handsets

Both handset models (X4U and X7U) will blink red when there is a voicemail ready to be listened to

Checking VMs on X4U (standard phones)

  1. The new phones will blink red and show a box with the number of voice messages missed on the home screen - if the notification goes away, the small light brown box in the icons dock will have a 1 badge

  2. To begin listening to the voicemail(s), press the Envelope button then enter 3322# (pin)

    1. 3322 is the default password for voicemail inboxes - this pin can also be changed to something more unique

    2. # is the symbol that tells the phone you are done entering the pin

  3. Listen to the voice prompts for more instruction while in the voicemail inbox and use the phones' keys to select the options you’d like to use

If your pin is not 3322, please contact IT Services Help Desk to retrieve it

Checking VMs on X7U (large touch screen phones)

  1. On the larger phones, there is not red notification box that shows, instead it is a blue color and appears in the center of the touch screen - it will also not have a red voicemail icon like the standard phones do - they only have a voicemail icon in the top right of the touch screen

  2. To find and listen to the voicemails, press the Voicemail button on the physical phone

  3. When the voice on the phone begins asking for your pin, please enter it ending with the # symbol

  4. Once your pin is entered in the phone correctly, the phone will begin listing options for you to use

If your pin is not 3322, please contact IT Services Help Desk to retrieve it

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services