Google Classroom Synergy Sync (Preferred) -Existing Google Classroom

This article will explain how to add an existing Google Classroom to a Synergy class and sync assignments, quiz assignments and grades from Google Classroom to Synergy.

Note: Once Synced you will want to create all assignments and grade assignments in Google Classroom. Students and Parents will still use StudentVue and ParentVue to view current assignments and grades for you class.


  1. Log into Google Classroom and open the classroom you would like to sync into Synergy

    Note: If you don’t currently have a Google Classroom created already you will want to create one for the class or classes you wish to sync with Synergy by following these directions. Each class or section will need it’s own Google Classroom

  2. On the main Google classroom page, look for the ‘Class Code’ and copy it down carefully

  3. Login into TeacherVue -

  4. Click ‘Grade Book’ from the menu bar then click ‘Grade Book Setup’


  5. Click the ‘Class Settings’ tab from the headings at the top

  6. In the upper left corner of the Class Settings screen, click ‘Edit’

  7. Find the class you wish to link to your Google Classroom, under the ‘Google Classroom’ column move the slider for that class from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Enabled’ then click ‘Advanced Options’

  8. Next drop down the Advanced Options down arrow

    Now you will enter the Class Code for your Google Classroom, and leave the rest of the settings on.

  9. Finally Click the green ‘Save’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen to commit the changes


  10. After clicking Save you will notice that Synergy will begin to Sync your Synergy Gradebook with your Google Classroom which will sync all your current students enrolled into your Google Classroom and sync and existing assignments & grades in Google Classroom to your Synergy Gradebook automatically.


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services