Creating Report Cards for Elementary Teachers

This article will show how Elementary Teachers can post competency grades and add comments.


  1. Once logged in to TeacherVUE, go to Reports > Students


    1. Verify you are focused on your Homeroom Class; this is where grades and attendance are


    2. Please make note of the following

      1. Core teachers will only see core classes

      2. Specials (ie, art, music, etc.) will only see specials

      3. Math teachers can enter their own report card comments for students in their math course that are not in their homeroom. Please change your focus to your math course

      4. Teachers that have a student taking an advanced course will need to provide those grades to the student’s homeroom teacher to enter them into the report card

  2. Select a specific student

  3. Type Teacher Name in the first box

  4. Select the competency

    1. The down arrow will fill in all blank competencies for that section

  5. Fill out each subject section

  6. For the trimester comments, click the pencil to add comments

    1. Type your comment in the trimester comment box OR create a comment bank to re-use comments

    2. When creating a comment bank, you can use the swap tags to personalize the comments without needing to type in each student's name, pronoun, etc.

  7. Select Save/Mark Complete


If you use the report card matrix, you can fill in competencies for all students for a single subject.


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services