Unlock PSSA Test Session

Sometimes a student will need their test session ‘Unlocked’ so they can make changes. This often is needed when a section is skipped entirely or not completed properly.

A principal or test administrator are the only people who have the ability to unlock a test session


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  1. Log into the DRC Insight website with your DRC credentials

  2. Click ‘My Applications’ at the top of the screen, then ‘Student Management’ in the drop-down box

  3. Click ‘Manage Students’

  4. Ensure the ‘Administration’ / ‘District’ / ‘School’ fields are correct. Then fill in the search criteria for the student and click ‘Find Students'

  5. When you find the correct student, click the ‘View/Edit’ icon

  6. In the Edit Student window, click ‘Test Sessions’, then click the Padlock icon, then click ‘Save’

  7. The test session is now unlocked and the student can make changes or complete the test session

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services