Setting up Nutrikids Manager


Nutrikids Manager Install

  1. From File Explorer, navigate to \\capsaicin\POS and copy the SQLMG_Setup.exe file to the desktop

  2. Double click the copied installer to open it

  3. Click Next at the first screen that comes up

  4. At the second screen make sure the Crystal Reports Runtime Support button is checked to install and click Next

  5. The Crystal Reports installer should begin to run

  6. After the Crystal reports installation finishes click Next

  7. Leave the destination folder as default and click Next

  8. Once the install is complete the NutriKids POS Enterprise Management shortcut will be on the desktop

Nutrikids Manager Setup

If you are in contact with NutriKids and they notice an issue with the capsaicin server, please contact the systems group to have them take care of that issue

  1. Sign in as foodservice AD Account

  2. Launch the NUTRIKIDS POS Enterprise Manager shortcut on the desktop

  3. Configure Database Connection Window open

    • Leave the Database Username and Password blank

    • Enter 1433 for the Database Port

    • Capsaicin for the Database Server

    • NKPOS for the Database Name

    • Click Connect

  4. On the Configure Connection screen. Select Helpdesk, Helpdesk from the drop down menu and then enter the password 7743


  5. At the database Path window, click the browse button and navigate to \\capsaicin\pos

  6. A list of all the buildings will appear


  7. Double click the folder for the building that the new POS is being installed and double click the Central.LBS file located within that folder

  8. Click the Close button on the Database Path dialog box

  9. The following screen will appear if everything was entered successful

If there are any questions or issues please contact NutriKids from 7-7 ET Monday through Thursday and 7-6 on Friday

1-800-724-9853 or

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services