Setting up Nutrikids POS Serving Line

This guide should be utilized to install the Nutrikids serving line software on cafeteria machines.


  1. Log on to the new machine with the food service account.

    1. The foodservice account will need to be added to the Admin group of the computer

      1. Click the start button and type in Computer Management

      2. Click Local Users and Groups

      3. Click Groups in the right pane

      4. Double click Administrators

      5. Click the Add button

      6. In the dialog box that opens, type in foodservice and click Check Names (This will underline it and change it to foodservice (

      7. Click the OK button

      8. Click the Apply button

  2. Install Windows .NET Framework 3.5

    1. If machine is Filewaved, the below installer may still need ran to fully install NK POS Serving Line - inside the installer, click on Repair, this should install/repair the Filewave installation

  3. Open File Explorer and browse to \\capsaicin\pos and open the St_Setup.exe to begin the install

  4. Click Next on the first screen that comes up

  5. Keep the default directory and click Next

  6. Click Install on the final screen

    1. The installation will take a few minutes to complete

  7. Click Finish and two new icons will be on the Desktop, NUTRIKIDS Point of Sale Serving Line and NUTRIKIDS Point of Sale Pin Pad

  8. Open Nutrikids Point of Sale

  9. Type the Admin Pin then click Administrator

  10. In the Central Path tab, click the Central Type dropdown menu, choose SQL Central

    1. Server:

    2. Database: nkcentral

    3. Port:1433

  11. Click the Manager's Path tab

    1. Main settings Tab

      1. Change the Manager's Database Link to \\\POS\NutkidMG.mdb

    2. SQL Properties Tab

      1. Add check boxes for BOTH

      • Enable SQL Refresh Data

        • Run SQL End Day Process

      1. Server:

      2. Database: nkpos

      3. Port: 1422

  12. Relaunch Nutrikids Point of Sale Serving Line. If the installation was successful the POS will launch without errors

If you are in contact with NutriKids and they notice an issue with the capsaicin server, please contact the systems group to have them take care of that issue

If there are any questions or issues please contact NutriKids from 7-7 ET Monday through Thursday and 7-6 on Friday

1-800-724-985 or

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services