How to access remote labs (Students and Teachers)

(READ All Instructions Before proceeding)
To Access Remote Labs use LInk

  1.  To login you will use your district username and password

  2. After logged in you will see your Lab. Some of you will have several labs. Please choose the lab for the class you are currently using.

    NOTE: (You only need to click on it once you do not need to double click while using web app)

  3. You will see a list of computers in that Lab. Please choose the computer assigned to you by your instructor. That way you are not trying to login to a machine another student is using.

    NOTE:(Instructors-  The computers will and should be labeled as to which labs they are.)

  4. Once you select your computer a popup will appear asking to allow clipboard and printer. Click Allow

  5. You will then be required to login to the computer please login and your desktop will launch

  6. You can put the computer into full screen by clicking the two arrows pointing away from each other in the upper right corner

  7. You can also hide the blue computer bar at the top that will sometimes get in the way by clicking the pin. It will ask you to unpin. The blue bar will hide while you are working. To bring it back, move the mouse to top center and it will reappear again.

  8. Now you should see a full desktop.

  9. To log off computer go start menu and user


  10. To log out of the web go to the top right corner and select the user account
    Other Notes. You should only use lab during scheduled class unless directed by your instructor.

    If you login to a computer someone is using you will receive a popup. If you  believe no one is using it click yes. Otherwise click no. 

    If someone is using the computer. The user on the computer will get a message as well.

    The user will need to click Cancel to not allow them in. If no one is using the computer or you do not respond it will log you or that person out

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services