Adobe Enterprise Accounts

Adobe Creative Cloud requires SCASD users to login utilizing an enterprise login which is associated with your SCASD email address.  After installation of an Adobe Creative Cloud you'll need to follow the steps as follows in order to access the software.


Launch Adobe CC App

Launch newly installed Adobe Creative Cloud App (Photoshop, Adobe DC, Premiere, etc..)

Signing In

  1. Click Sign In with Enterprise ID

  2. Next enter your full SCASD email address in the Email Address or Domain Name box and hit Enter

  3. Next if you don't have an account already registered with Adobe you'll be redirected to a Google Login page to enter your full email address and SCASD password.

  4. After logging in with your SCASD account the Adobe Creative Cloud application will open.  This process is only required once to open the Adobe products in the future.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services