Using the gradebook

Gradebook is a feature of Teacher Access Center that allows you to maintain an electronic version of your gradebook. This feature is available to any teacher who teaches a 3rd, 4th or 5th grade class. At the elementary level, grades are not published to parents or students through this system. Teachers must use TAC to enter and report grades to parents three times during the school year (December, March and June) or twice during the year for specials subjects (January and June). Instruction for how to set up and use Gradebook can be provided by your building Instructional Technology Coach or you can use the resources below.


The following sections will provide information on how to navigate the Gradebook in TAC:

  1. Click Setup from the Gradebook dropdown menu or Click the gradebook icon next to the class you wish to setup

  2. Classes can be changed by clicking the "Change" button at the top of the window

    1. Check the box for using total points or leave unchecked for weighted categories.

    2. Choose whether to Round or Truncate.

    3. Choose the SCASD Default grading scale.

    4. These steps will need to be completed for each class.

  3. The first category is ready to set up. Set up as desired then click the Save icon.

  4. To add the next category, click the + icon in the upper right.


Choose Gradebook > Entry from the menu buttons. This screen shows entry column for a quiz.

  1. Enter scores individually within grade field. Return/enter to move down the column to the next student.

  2. Change publishing status by clicking the oval at the top of the column. Click once to shade left and publish the item, click again to shade the whole oval and publish the scores, click again to return to no publishing.

  3. Click to enter the same grade for all students or to clear all grades entered for the assignment (useful if you wish to delete the assignment).

  1. Click within the score field.

  2. From the Action pull down menu choose Enter Comment

  3. You can choose a comment code from the pull down menu

  4. You can enter more text in the Enter Comment field

  5. Check the box if you wish to publish the comment

  1. Clicking the ! in the red circle gives a menu of 4 icons. When you choose one of these icons all the scores within the gradebook that fit the category will be flagged. For example, if you choose the Absences flag, ever score field where the student was absent on the due date will be flagged with the blue circle/white arrow

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services