How to add students to ELA group

SCASD pays for IXL Math and ELA modules. The ELA module is given to students based on specific classes whereas Math is K-12 for the most part. The following instructions are how to add the ELA flag for a student.

This must be performed by the IXL Admin


  1. First, sign in to IXL with your administrator account (admin@scasd)

  2. Next, from the "Students" tab search the student you would like to apply the custom label to. There will be a "Custom Label" column in the "Students" section, and this value will be blank. Clicking that blank space will open a drop-down menu where you can apply one of the custom labels available on your account.

You can keep track of how many students are using the custom label from the License Info section of your account. You will see under the  Allocated to  column Grades 6-12 with custom label  MATH/ELA  and in the  Licenses used  column will be the number of licenses. Adding that student brings you to a total of 946 out of 1050 available using the MATH/ELA label.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services