How to export Assessment Data from TAC

When student assessment data is in TAC and needs to be moved to Google Sheets.


  1. Log in to Teacher Access Center (TAC) using the Chrome Browser

  2. Open the TAC Home Page > select the Class Roster the export will be created from


  3. Click Settings (top right hand corner)

  4. From the drop down menu select Show/Hide Columns

  5. Click the - beside all the the fields except Student ID and click OK

  6. Highlight all Names and Student ID's and drag to select both lists and then Copy

  7. Open Google Sheets and in cell A1 type Last, First and in B1 type Student ID


  8. Click on cell A2 then got to Edit → Paste special → Paste Values only

  9. This will give a list of Student names with associated Student ID. When assessment results are returned, students' results can be placed beside students' information in Column C

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services