Classroom Management

Teacher Access Center contains a set of management tools that will allow you to create seating charts, print rosters and send email to parents and students. The following links are short videos to show you how.


The following video resources will demonstrate all options available in Class Management.


Calendar can be used to filter assignments and events as well as combine calendars for classes and homeroom

  1. Choose Classroom Management > Calendar

  2. Filters can be altered by using the filter button


  3. To added events to the calendar, use the Add Event button in the upper right-hand corner


Emails can be sent to students and or Parents/Guardians from the Class Management Tools

  1. Choose Classroom Management > Email

  2. Click the To button

  3. Choose the groups that pertain to the email

    1. Emails can be specifically sent using the + button next to the corresponding row

Roster Reports

Roster reports can be generated from the Class Management Tools

  1. Choose Classroom Management > Roster

  2. To change a class, click the Change button, then select the Class or Period, then OK

Customize Reports

Reports can be customized by choosing to Show/Hide Withdrawn Students Or by Showing or Hiding columns

Advanced Customizing

The report can be customized further by rearranging the columns by dragging them to a different order in the Show/Hide Columns menu

Seating Chart

Seating Charts can be created from the Class Management tab

Clicking the Change button with change classes

  • To change the seating arrangement, click the Seating Chart icon\


Grid Blocks VS Free Movement

  • Columns and rows can be added to fit the specifics of your room layout (Grid Blocks)

  • Choose Free Movement to place the students without a grid (Free Movement)


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services