Projecting Wirelessly

Please follow this guide to pair a computer to a projector for wireless projecting.

Application Setup

  • EasyMP Network Projection is installed on all Faculty Laptops. The application is located under Applications →  EasyMP Network Projection. 


If the EasyMP Network Projection software is not installed on the machine. It can be installed by using the Filewave Kiosk. Installation details found here: Using the Filewave Kiosk 


  • The first time you launch the software, it will ask you if you want to use Quick or Advanced Mode. Choose Advanced and set this as the default mode and click ok.


Connecting to a Projector

  1. Tap the LAN button on your projector remote to put the projector into Wireless Mode.


  2. Launch the EasyMP software. Choose “Advanced” mode if you haven’t already. You will see the software automatically begin searching for a local projector.


  3. Check the box beside the projector you wish to connect to and then click connect.

  4. In the keyword prompt enter the keyword that is displayed on the projector.


  5. If the desired projector is not shown. Choose Manual Search at the top of the Window and enter the Wireless IP Address shown on the Projectors LAN Screen.



Saving Projector Manually

  1. Open Epson EasyMP Projection Application > Click "Manual Search" and enter the IP Address from the LAN screen of the Projector (IP address in the picture is different from what your projector will be.


  2. The projector will now show up at the bottom of the List of Projectors - click the checkbox and click "Connect" to project.


  3. Click "Save in Profile" to save the Projector IP Address and give it a name.



If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services