SCASD CyberSecurity Best Practices

Please use this helpful guide as it contains helpful tips and tricks to maintain a safe cyber experience 

Cyber Awareness Tips


  • Restrict access to remote meetings, conference calls, or virtual classrooms, including the use of passwords if possible.

  • Beware of social engineering tactics aimed at revealing sensitive information. Make use of tools that block suspected phishing emails and users should mark these as SPAM/Phishing

  • Always verify the web address of legitimate websites or manually type it into the browser.

  • Check for misspelled domain names within a link (for example, confirm that addresses for Government websites end in .gov).

  • Report suspicious activity on work computers to your employer.


  • Share links to remote meetings, conference calls, or virtual classrooms on open websites or on social media.

  • Open attachments or click links within emails received from senders you do not recognize.

  • Provide usernames, passwords, birth dates, social security numbers, financial data, or other personal information in response to an email or phone call.

  • Use public or non-secure Wi-Fi access points to access sensitive information.

  • Use the same password for multiple accounts.

Password Recommendations

SCASD will never ask for any of your passwords

Our password recommendations are:

  1. Different from previous SCASD passwords.

  2. Passwords should be unique from other passwords that you use outside of district systems.

  3. At least 8 characters and contain a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.

Zoom Safety

Due to recent security concerns in Zoom Meetings we have implemented the following measures

  1. Waiting Rooms - Participants enter a Waiting Room first and the Host must admit attendees into room.

  2. Ability to set Meeting Room passwords so that attendees need to enter a password before gaining entry.

  3. Ability to Lock/Unlock rooms, this feature allows the host to completely lock the room and prevent anyone from entering even if they have an invitation.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services