Epson Interactive Projector Guide

This guide describes how Employees connect and use the interactive feature of the Epson Projectors at SCAHS, SCAHN (Delta), SC, RP & CS.

Connecting Your Computer to Epson Interactive Projector

  1. Turn on the projector by pressing the blue button on the remote control.

  2. Connect an HDMI cable from the projector to your computer.


  3. Next Connect the USB cable from the projector’s USB port directly to any available USB port on your computer.

If the image doesn’t appear, try one of the following:

  • On a Mac, you may need to open System Preferences and select Displays. Click the Arrangement tab and select the Mirror Displays check box.

  • Try pressing the Source Search button on the remote control.

  • Press the Home button on the projector or remote control to verify the source input and settings. 


Interactive Pens

  • Your projector came with 2 pens, one orange (Interactive Pen A) and one blue (Interactive Pen B).

  • The pens have a soft, felt tip. Make sure one rechargeable AA battery is installed in each pen.

  • To turn on the pen, pick it up and press the button. The blue light comes on briefly. If the battery is low, the light flashes.

  • Hold the pen perpendicular to the board, as shown below. 

  • Hold the pen perpendicular to the board, as shown below. To turn on the pen, pick it up. The blue light comes on briefly. If the battery is low, the light flashes. Battery Button light

  • When you are finished using the pen, simply place it in an area away from the projection screen.

The pens turn off automatically after about 15 seconds of inactivity. Pick the pen up to turn it back on. 


Annotation Mode

  • Annotation mode displays the built-in toolbar on whatever image is being projected.

  • Whiteboard mode lets you project a white or black screen or background pattern, and use the pen to write or draw as you would on a chalkboard or dry erase board. 

  • When the projector is turned on, it defaults in Annotation mode. This mode enables drawing on the projected screen.


Using the Epson Projector Remote Control



For More Detailed Information on Advanced Features of the Epson Interactive Projections Please Refer the following Directions:


If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services