How to upload a private video to YouTube

Please use this article to assist you with uploading content to YouTube in a secure manner

If you are uploading a video longer than 15 minutes you will need to Verify your YouTube Account
You will only have to do this one time


  1. Once signed in, go to the record + button > Upload video


  2. Drag and drop the video you want to upload on to the screen

    1. Or click Select File to browse the folders on your computer

Setting Video Parameters

  1. Once selected YouTube will begin to process the video

  2. The next screen is where Upload Details can be changed


  3. Continue scrolling until you see Audience
    Select the checkbox labeled Yes, it's made for kids


  4. Click Next to continue with the upload

    1. The next section allows you to add Video Elements

    1. The Visibility Section is where you can choose how your video is published


Sharing Privately

  1. From the YouTube Channel click Videos on the left side

  2. Click the Pencil icon on the video you want to share


  3. Click the three vertical dots then Share Privately


  4. Enter the email addresses of the people that the video is being shared with

Select Let everyone at to view to restrict the video to users in our domain

Approving your video

  1. Search for your video on YouTube

  2. Preview the video

  3. If the video fits the guidelines below for consideration complete the approval process by clicking the Approve button


When reviewing and approving videos please remember that your approval decision will permit the video in question to be viewed by all SCASD accounts, including students. Answering the following questions will help provide guidance when approving YouTube content for users.

  1. Does this video have a valid educational purpose?

  2. Does the video support the desired learning outcome and meet curriculum standards?

  3. Did you preview the entire video for inappropriate material? 

  4. If in doubt about the validity of a video, please seek guidance from your school's administrators

Once you have approved a video, the Approve button will then read Remove, this provides you with the option to revoke the approval that you provided. Only the user who approved the video may revoke the approval.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services