SCASD Radio Protocol

How to Use The Radio

Power: Turn the radio on using the left knob on top of the radio, turning it clockwise  to power on, and increase volume. Once turned on, turn counter clockwise to decrease volume or power down.

Channels:  Channels can be changed with the channel selector knob located next to the volume/power knob on top of the radio.

Switch Zones: Hit the P1 button on the left front face of the radio, this will bring up a menu you can scroll through and select the desired zone with the “OK” button, then hit the home button to return to the main screen.


Zone 1

After the first Channel, the following Channels are the schools in alphabetical order.

  • Channel 1 - District Wide

  • Channel 2 - Corl Street

  • Channel 3 - Delta

  • Channel 4 - Easterly Parkway

  • Channel 5 - Ferguson Township

  • Channel 6 - Grays Woods

  • Channel 7 - High School

  • Channel 8 - Houserville

  • Channel 9 - Lemont

  • Channel 10 - Mount Nittany Elementary

  • Channel 11 - Mount Nittany Middle School

  • Channel 12 - Panorama Village

  • Channel 13 - Park Forest Elementary

  • Channel 14 - Park Forest Middle School

  • Channel 15 - Radio Park

  • Last Channel - 911 Emergency

Zone 2

Zone 2 is used for department specific Channels

Channel 1 - District wide
Channel 2 -Physical Plant
Channel 3 - Transportation
Channel 4 - Athletics
Channel 5 - Food Services
Channel 6 - IT Services
Last Channel - 911 Emergency (If you turn your channel selector knob all of the way to the right (clockwise) until the knob stops, you will be on the 911 emergency channel.)

Zone 3

Simplex zone. Simplex channels will be used when the radios are out of range of the system, which is State College and the surrounding areas. These channels will be used for simple radio to radio communication when on trips outside of the coverage area. Generally speaking the range of these simplex zones is only a couple of miles depending on the terrain.

District Wide Channel

All Channels will be able to hear Communication made from this Channel. This should be used for important, but non emergency messages. (Power outage, early dismissal, etc.)

911 Emergency Channel

This channel will broadcast directly to the 911 Dispatch center and should ONLY be used for 911 emergencies. This 911 emergency channel will be the very last channel on the radio, making it easily accessible in a time of need, but also easy to stay off of when not being used.

Panorama and Physical Plant Channels will also be able to hear the 911 Emergency Channel



 If there are any questions or issues please contact Physical Plant