How to request a web filter change

To request a currently blocked website be allowed by the SCASD internet filter or to request a currently allowed website to be blocked by the SCASD internet filter, please submit a request using the following webpage:  SCASD IT Services Web Filter Requests


  1. Fill in the form with the required information

    • Your email address

    • Website URL (Example:

    • Whether the site should be Allowed or Blocked

    • For which grade levels:  Elementary / Middle School / High School (check all that apply)

    • Enter a brief description of why you wish to allow or block the site

    1. Click '

    Submit' to complete your request.

    The request will be reviewed and then either approved or denied.  Once the request has been approved by the building administrator the web filter change can be processed.

Please note that once you complete the form you will need to send a copy of the response to your building administrator for approval.

Social Media Toolkit: An Introduction

Conversations in social media are a dialogue an opportunity to listen, share, collaborate with, respond to, and learn from our colleagues and communities. In the State College Area School District, we recognize the importance of participating in these conversations. The Toolkit supports anyone acting in an office capacity with the State College Area School District as they engage in digital media conversations for official, professional, and personal use. Before using social media in your official SCASD capacity, you should familiarize yourself with the main sections of the Social Media Toolkit utilizing the links below.

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services