PM Library

Available technology in the PFMS Library

  • The PFMS Library has the availability of the following:

  • ONE Lapel microphone

  • ONE handheld wireless microphone

  • A Document camera

  • A projector

  • A projection screen


Using the Microphones

  • You CAN use both microphones at the same time or independently 

  • Each microphone receiver is labeled for its corresponding microphone

  1. Power on the receiver for the microphone you wish to use

  2. Power on the microphone you wish to use

The power switch is located on the bottom on the microphone. Simply slide to ON to use

The power switch is located on the bottom on the microphone. Simply slide to ON to use.

Using the Screen

The screen control is located on the left side of the media cabinet

  1. Push the button down to bring the screen down (no need to hold it)

  2. Push the button up to take the screen back up when finished

Using the projector and document camera

  1. Select the IN1 input on the VGA switch located on the media cabinet

  2. Power on the projector with the remote control 

  3. Select Computer on the projector remote control

  4. Plug the VGA cable located on top of the cabinet into your laptop for display 

  5. Plug the audio cable into the headphone port of your laptop to project sound

There are several dongles available in the media cabinet

Using the document camera

  1. Select (IN3) on the the VGA switch to select the Document Camera to display on the projection screen

  2. Press the Power button on the base of the doc cam, or by pushing the power button on the remote control marked Document Camera at the bottom

Controlling the lighting

There are several light switches located above the media cabinet. Each switch is labeled, and can be used to optimize the lighting in the room for your event and/or presentation.

 Please remember to turn each microphone off after use to save battery life 

If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services